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Data Privacy on Social Media, Email and other Web Platforms

Access Control
You determine exactly who can view the data you post on social media, email or other web platforms.

Your data is hidden during transmission and storage on the web.

Your data is signed. The end user can be sure it came from you and has not been altered or taken out of context.

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Why You Need Data Privacy

Social Media, email and other web platforms have become the primary way we stay connected today. But did you know…

You have No Real Control over your Data

And your data – social media posts, comments on bulletin boards or your friends posts and even what you write in your emails – is all Not Protected.

  • Your data can be used to target ads
  • The government and corporations can collect data to use against you
  • Criminals can use your data for any manner of nefarious objectives

We’ve even heard a lot in the news about how our data is being collected and used in an effort to influence election outcomes.

But you can fight back – with AxcessD.

Access control, privacy, and authentication for your data

AxcessD is a Patent Pending, low cost technical solution to this real world problem.

Decide who can access your data

With AxcessD, you decide exactly who can view your data – on social media, email or other web platforms

With AxcessD, you can stop unwanted uses of your data. Only people you approve of will have access to your data.

Example Access List configuration in AxcessD. Only these contacts will have access to your data.

Example display notice in ‘Timeline’ when logged in user is not authorized to view your data.

Keep Your Data Private

With AxcessD, Your Data is kept Private until it reaches your intended recipient.

With the current standard for data transmission on the Web (TLS), your data is private only until it reaches the web platform infrastructure (load balancer, router or web server).

With AxcessD, your data is private until it reaches the destination user.

Example display of AxcessD protected message in the actual transmission and storage format.

Keeping your data private reduces or eliminates opportunities for ad targeting, identity theft, phishing exploits, and other unwanted activities.

Let others know Your Data is Authentic

With AxcessD, your data is Electronically Signed when posted, and Authenticated when presented to your intended recipient.

Many hacking exploits depend on impersonation or corrupted data, such as Phishing attacks and Malware distribution including viruses, worms, rootkits and spyware.

With AxcessD, a digital signature is created when you post your data. This signature is then verified when your data arrives at the intended recipient. The signature verification will fail if the data is not from you, or if it has been modified or corrupted.

If there is a with the data, the recipient will know it is authentic. If there isn’t, the data is suspect and can be ignored.

Indication that data has been Authenticated

Optional User Profile when user clicks on check mark

Authentication has the additional benefit of letting the recipient know your words are exactly as you wrote them. Not changed and not taken out of context.

AxcessD is supported on any Web application where you post data.

AxcessD Basic is FREE. No credit card needed to sign up.

We are supported only by users that subscribe to our Premium service. We do not work with advertisers, market research firms, universities, or any other business organizations.

Please review our FAQ & Data Privacy FAQ pages and the rest of our site for more information.

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