Frequently Asked Questions

What does AxcessD do?

AxcessD provides Access Control, Privacy, and Authentication for data that you post into the internet such as on Social Media and Email platforms.

Why do I need AxcessD?

When you send or post data into the internet, such as on Social Media, Email, or other web based platforms, you have no real control over who can see your data or how it can be used. While you may have nothing to ‘hide’, your data can be used in ways that you may not expect or want. With AxcessD you regain control of your data and prevent unexpected consequences.

Why do I need to sign up for an account?

AxcessD allows you to decide exactly who can access your data. In order to do this, you must provide us with ‘Access Lists’ containing contacts that you are allowing to see your data. These ‘Access Lists’ are maintained in your account on our secure servers.

Do you work with advertisers?

No. AxcessD is supported only through paid user subscriptions

How much does it cost?

The Basic service is Free, and may be satisfactory for many user’s needs. Our Premium service is $3 / month billed annually, and provides a number of enhanced features that you may find useful.

If you like our service, we ask that you upgrade to the Premium service, since this is our only source of revenue. Running and enhancing the AxcessD service is a large undertaking and every little bit helps!

Does AxcessD store or transmit my data?

No. AxcessD protects your data using a Browser Extension or APP running directly on your device. Your data is not transmitted to our servers. The AxcessD software running on your device protects your data on your device prior to it being posted onto the Social Media, Email, or other web platforms.

Does AxcessD Analyze or Use My Data?

No. We do not ‘look at’ the content of your data, or analyze it in any way. We do not try to use it to send you targeted advertising. We don’t work with advertisers at all. We don’t use AI techniques to make inferences about you. We don’t care what the content of your data actually is. Our only role is to protect it using industry standard algorithms, so that you can control who can actually view it.

What do you mean by ‘Access Control’, ‘Privacy’, and ‘Authentication’?

‘Access Control’ means that you determine exactly who can access your data. You configure ‘Access Lists’ on AxcessD and only contacts listed in the Access List will be able to view your data. You may configure an Access List as ‘Public’, and anyone with an AccessD account can view the data. Data posted using a ‘Public’ list will still be Authenticated as described below.

‘Privacy’ means that your data is transformed mathematically before it is transmitted or stored in the Internet, so that it is effectively ‘invisible’. Only when your data arrives at a destination user that you have approved of will it be made ‘visible’.

‘Authentication’ means that your data is ‘signed’ so that when the data is made visible to the destination user, he/she can be certain that the data was authored by you and has not been modified or corrupted since you authored it. This prevents someone else from impersonating you, altering your words, or taking your words out of context.

What does the name ‘AxcessD’ mean?

AxcessD is a combination of the english words ‘Access’ and ‘Data’, with the 1st ‘c’ changed to ‘x’ to indicate you can prevent access to your data.

Who is behind AxcessD?

AxcessD was created by a small team of engineers with a great deal of experience in computer networking and related networking security techniques. Our goal is to help you take back control of your data and make the internet a more secure place for all.